Behind The Story Of hanabanana art+design Logo

August 1, 2018
It’s just a random ARTicle from us, as we’ve got many questions about the story behind our name. So, we thought it would be nice to publish a little bit story about our background.

Did You Know?

The founder name is Hana.
She was graduated from an architecture program in 2008.
She started her career as a visual artist/architectural renderer since then, teamed up with a couple of her university friends.

They have been working on various projects, from architectural renderings, interior renderings, urban/landscape renderings, animations, and many more.

Why is it “banana” after “hana”?

Years have passed, and they have more people in the team.
With some reasons, all the team members are MEN – except Hana.

One morning, Hana and the other founders were joking around while they were brainstorming about their company name.
And all the sudden the guys just came up with “banana” as a symbol of "man".
Well, particularly because they were all eating bananas at that time for their breakfast!

Exterior Rendering

Long story short, they all agreed with “hanabanana” and added “art+design” after its name.
The “art+design” is to emphasize how all the team members love and breath art and design.

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