What makes hanabanana art+design different from other companies?
We are your "one stop shop" for your projects!
Beside we offer professional and realistic look rendering services, we also have furniture line!

Our website provides you architectural and interior ideas, comes along the matched furniture on the pictures.

We have long-term relationships with several trusty furniture manufacturers and importers - as well art galleries that can also offer an extensive range of options to suit your project budget.

In term of rendering services, we work to understand our clients’ needs fully before taking on a project to ensure we are a good fit for you. We won't take on your project if we don't think the project is our specialty.

We have decades of combined experience in architectural, interior, visualization, and branding industries. We do great work and we are confident in our skills.

Can anyone use hanabanana art+design services?
We mostly work with specifiers, such as architects, interior designers, contractors, and builders, as well work along with several renowned developers and real estate firms. But - we would also welcome anyone who needs our services.
For instance, we absolutely love working with homeowners or business owners who are planning to renovate their interiors. We have experience working on providing the right zoning and floor plans, so we are confident that we will produce excellent results.

Do I have a satisfaction guarantee?
Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with our work for any reason just let us know and we'll promptly provide immediate customer service to discuss the best way to resolve your issue. We also have a Cancellation and Refund policy in some reasonable cases.

We want our customers to be happy with our work and be our best referrals!

What information do I need to provide for rendering services?
The more information you provide, the better. Follow the Check List we provide, and we will produce/create the rendering from the information you provide.

Generally, we will need CAD files of the 2D floor plans and elevations. If you have 3d model file from any particular software, it would help. We'll also need any custom textures, colors, design styles, furniture, or any other finishes you'd like included in your rendering. After you place your order, we will contact you to gather all the necessary information needed to produce you rendering. 

How long will it take?
In most cases we can turnaround between 5 to 7 business days, however it depends on the quality of rendering you order. 360 view renderings and animations generally take longer, it could be weeks, depending on project size.

All subsequent changes will be delivered in 2-4 business days per view. More complex changes or redraws may be delivered up to 10 business days, depending on the complexity of work. All redraw deadlines are determined by the receipt of all necessary information pertaining to the re-designing.

How much do our renderings cost?
It really depends on what services you choose. Either 3D floorplans, 3D interior renderings, 3D exterior rendering, landscape renderings, 360 view rendering, animations, or any other option.

Our work is custom designed based on your requirement. As such, pricing will vary depending on the level of detail you require.